Silvio Severino

Tempo – Photography by Silvio Severino
Tempo , time in Portuguese , is a collection of long-exposure , monochrome pictures from the Brazilian photographer Silvio Severino
Silvio Severino is originally from Porto Alegre , the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul .
He has been living in Europe for almost 20 years . The exhibition reflect his experiences and impressions from his time in Europe .
Pictures in this exhibition are from Budapest , Brussels and Cork in Ireland where Silvio lives at the moment .

About Silvio Severino
Silvio Severino is a contemporary photographer, collage, and gif artist. He works in both analog and digital formats, which puts him in a unique creative position, whereby he can cross and recross the traditional and the contemporary. Silvio is searching for new values, new visual languages that will allow him to incorporate photography, collage, and animation in new formats. With Silvio and his work, photography often becomes collage, with collage often becoming animated gif. It is an exciting new frontier in contemporary art for which this artist is at the forefront. This is an artist that understands the technology of gifs, glitches, and loops, the bedrock of contemporary gif animation and video art. He finds himself in an enviable position whereby he can use these technologies to expand his work. Silvio is interested in exploring a range of contemporary issues through both collage and gif animation. From nature and the urban, to consumerism and the idealisation of beauty and sexuality, from art versus capitalism, to the banality of publicity and celebrity. Silvio was born and raised in Brazil, but has spent the last fifteen years in Europe, he now lives in Cork , Ireland
Exhibitions .

2018 Home by the Lee .
28 April -Part of Cork World Book Fest 2018 .
City Library, Grand Parade , Cork

2018 Lake Balaton -3rd – 30th April
Part of Cork Photo Festival 2018
The Vinyl Lounge at Golden Discs, , 81/82 Patrick Street, Cork

2017 Three Songs – Concert Photography by Silvio Severino .
29th July – October . The Vinyl lounge, Golden Discs ,. 80-82 Patrck St , Cork , Ireland

2017 Electric Open 2017 -Electric Picture House Cheshire UK . 21 October – 18 November

2017 Collagistas Festival 4th- Milan, Italy – 22 – 29 September

2017 Vernissage “Sauce Brazil – 10+ Brazilian artists and the cornet” 12 May . -Home Frit’ Home

2017 Collagistas Festival 3rd editio Eindhoven, The Netherlands 01 – 10 April

2017 In Glue We Trust – Collage by Silvio Severino .
Pele-Mele d’Ixells Brussels

2016 – WATER CONNECTS 3rd Place -Siófok, Lake Balaton series – Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center , Budapest

2015 -Collagistas Festival 2 -22nd May 2015 -TABYA art space in Thessaloniki, Greece!

2015 – Instants – Espacio Gallery , London .25 April 2015 .
Video Screening
A special evening celebrating the work of eight Brazilian artists and film makers, in a series of creative and inspiring moments translated into photographic images and short films.

2014 – Motion Photograph Prize – Saatchi Gallery – Google+ from 17 April – 24 May

2014 Alternativ Gallery Berlin The Collagistas Festival 10-24 October 2014

2014 -Collagerie exhibition 2014 at STEW gallery, Norwich, UK.
11th – 18th October 2014.

2014 – Espacio Gallery Duality 24-29 July 2014

2014 Espacio Gallery Material World , no barking aRt biennale 2014 Part II

2014 Truman Brewery Space 25 NO BARKING ART

2013 3rd Salon of Photography Croatia 2013 . FIAP Honorable Mention

Detelina Tiholova

Detelina Tiholova was born in Dobrich,Bulgaria in the year of 1970. She lives and works in Kustendil . She is a Art teacher . Specializes in textile disign in TU in 2000 and Photography since 2013 from Sofia university. Since 1992 writes haiku,and since 2004 she creats haiga both in the modern and the traditional way ,with drawing and photo. Works in the two main streems in haiga, traditional -with drawing with ink (sumi-e) and modern way with photography.

  • 2011 she makes exhibition by her self, desplaying sumi -e and haiga in the art gallery “1908”, Sofia.
  • 2014 she works on he project ” Inside”-artists working in their artelier,which was presented in “Vladimir Dimitrov Maistora”Kustendil, and it was presented as part of the exhibition ofGallery Alma Mater in Sofia university.
  • 2017 she works on he project “On the Other Side” – the artist painted but was shot on the other side. Project “A family from the other side” presented in Gallery “+Tova” Sofia in “Month of Photography”.

Ventzislav Vassilev

Artistist Statement

Coming out of the comfort of the standard shape I choose the challenge of self-identification of the pictorial space. I express my conception of the world as a process of material and emotional differentiation. In the creation of my artworks I am using extraordinary means of expression as interlaced wooden twigs lined with building material. Each work is structured and composed differently. By searching for the specific shape I emphasize my ambition to overcome the limit of time and matter. I would like to provoke a sense of something organic, of a specific form of life. For achieving the desired aesthetics I am using more muted pastel coloring in earth color tones. Painting delicately differentiates the artwork as wholeness in the space.

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